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Musings on mirrors, interiors and the miscellaneous.

  • Decorex 2016: metallic finishes remain a key trend

    Gold and brass feature highly at Decorex 2016, with metallics generally – including copper and bronze – remaining a key trend.

  • Autumn Winter 2016/17 décor trend: perfect pink

    Pink is one of THE interior décor colours for 2017. Will you be in the pink too?

  • Brighten your home with a decorative convex mirror

    A decorative convex mirror can do wonders: illuminate a dark corner, add elegance and drama, create the illusion of space, even serve as a work of art.

  • Why you need a large convex mirror

    Whether you’re looking to make a statement with wall art, maximise light and space, or add a finishing touch to your interiors, a large convex mirror is the answer.

  • Light in the Dark

    Decorative convex mirrors can be easily and widely implemented to help maximise the light in your interior!

  • Convex mirrors: from the B to the C…who put the bling in convex mirrors?

    Convex mirrors have been around for centuries. But it was those elegant Georgians who really turned convex mirrors into must-have home accessories.

  • Your small space just got bigger!

    With many of us these days having to contend with smaller living spaces, how we choose to decorate and furnish our homes is adapting accordingly.

  • Matching Mirrors

    While clusters of vintage mirrors might have become slightly clichéd, simple repetition is still an effective way to give more impact to a space and add light.

  • A showcase of Omelo mirrors in their new homes…part 2

    Here’s a selection of recent images sent to us by happy customers, showcasing Omelo convex mirrors in their new homes…

  • Golden age: the origins of gold leaf…

    Gold leaf has been used by most human civilisations (as far back as 3000BC) to decorate all kinds of objects and artworks. If you want to know how the leaf itself is actually made, read on…!

  • The Convex Mirror in Renaissance Art

    In this Renaissance masterpiece, the figures appear as if reflected in a convex mirror…

  • Convex Mirrors in Art, Part 2

    There is huge amount of art featuring convex mirrors. It is an excellent device for artists to showcase their skill – have you ever tried painting a convex reflection?!

  • Convex mirrors in Art

    Convex mirrors have been depicted in paintings for many centuries. This one’s a bit creepy!

  • Parmigianino and the selfie in a convex mirror

    New York magazine poses the question: is Parmigianino’s 1524 Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror ‘the first selfie?’

  • Lust for lustre? Go for gold this Christmas!

    Wondering what to get your nearest and dearest this Christmas? Forget the frankincense and myrhh. Give the gift of gold!

  • Style Classic: the decorative convex mirror

    Most people are familiar with the convex mirror these days – how it came about may not be so well known. In fact, the convex mirror originated in Europe with the development of glass blowing in the Medieval-Renaissance period.

  • Magical powers of the decorative convex mirror

    The French have a rather enchanting name for the convex mirror – ‘oeil de sorcière’ – which literally translates as ‘witch’s eye’!

  • Form & Function: sitting pretty

    Its good looks and practical versatility ensure that the nursing chair isn’t confined to the homes of the new parent, royal or otherwise!

  • THE TREND Copper Convex

    One can’t help but feel that the editorial team at Elle Decoration magazine will be devastated when they realise their error – failing to include our copper Cavetto in their Copper Trend feature this month.   As you’ve probably noticed, copper is the must-have metallic finish of the moment. Of course, we have been talking […]

  • Work-in-progress at Omelo

    We like to photograph our work-in-progress from time to time. Here are some shots we took in our studio…

  • Classy customised convex

    We love it when our customers specify their very own choice of finish. It gives us an insight into which trends are being adopted, or not! And, it makes our job even more interesting than usual. A recent brief was for a dark brown Lucca 03 convex mirror with a gold bead. The customer specified […]

  • International interiors’ inspiration

    We love flicking through the likes of Elle Décor and Livingetc each month, but we’re increasingly finding a lot of our interiors inspiration online. Here are a few of our favourite international interiors blogs. Emma’s Designblogg The Swede’s blog is where we go when we’re looking for a bit of calm. Emma’s blog features Scandinavian-style […]

  • Artists’ curiosity with convex mirrors

    The uber-fashionable Georgians are attributed for popularising the decorative convex mirror in England. Nevertheless, the convex mirror has been a feature of interiors and art in Northern Europe since the 15th century. And, for the artist at the easel, the convex mirror was so much more than simply a decorative object… Van Eyck’s convex creation […]

  • Tips on hanging mirrors

    Hanging a mirror is a lot like hanging art. You instinctively know when it looks wrong – if the item is too small, too high, etc. Having said that, we are often asked for advice on this very issue, so it doesn’t hurt to consider a few tips! It’s likely you have in mind a […]

  • 3 creative ways with convex mirrors

    If you’re looking for some creative ideas for decorating with convex mirrors, here are a few suggestions…

  • The psychology of colour [infographic]

    This is a fabulous visual representation of the psychology of colour from what not to paint your baby’s bedroom if you don’t want a wailing baby on your hands, to what colour gives you an appetite to which curbs it… Paint brushes at the ready! Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

  • Make way for metallic mania

    The relationship between fashion seen on the catwalk and interior trends continues in full force. Metallics were the most popular trend among the various collections at London Fashion Week earlier this year – think David Koma and Matthew Williamson Autumn/Winter Collections for 2012.

  • Convex mirrors – the bigger picture

    We all know that mirrors are the must-have accessory for making a room feel bigger and are second to none in bouncing the light around. What you may not know, however, is that the curved shape of the convex lens means that it has a wider field of vision than a flat mirror, capturing more of the room in its reflection.

  • 5 golden steps to gilding

    A glimpse behind the scenes at Omelo Mirrors as we put together one of our own gilt-framed convex mirrors.

  • Friday afternoon chill-out

    Press play, close your eyes and drift away… …Spiegel im Spiegel – ‘The Mirror in the Mirror’. What could be more apt?