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  • Brighten your home with a decorative convex mirror

    A decorative convex mirror can do wonders: illuminate a dark corner, add elegance and drama, create the illusion of space, even serve as a work of art.

  • Work-in-progress at Omelo

    We like to photograph our work-in-progress from time to time. Here are some shots we took in our studio…

  • 3 creative ways with convex mirrors

    If you’re looking for some creative ideas for decorating with convex mirrors, here are a few suggestions…

  • Reflections of a convex mirror maker

    First things first “Don’t think too hard!” – that was the advice given to me when I announced I was about to get stuck into my first blog post. Well, no-one can accuse me of thinking too hard when it came to creating Omelo. Let’s just say, it was borne out of necessity. Trying to […]