First things first

“Don’t think too hard!” – that was the advice given to me when I announced I was about to get stuck into my first blog post.

Well, no-one can accuse me of thinking too hard when it came to creating Omelo. Let’s just say, it was borne out of necessity. Trying to find a contemporary convex mirror in the UK was proving to be like finding the proverbial needle.

Regency reproductions abound and, no mistaking, they are a thing of dramatic beauty (in a swags and eagles kind of way). It’s just that I was looking for something with an elegant simplicity … geometric lines and, well, something ‘more modern’.

“If you can’t find it, make it!”

…I’m sure someone, somewhere, said that! Anyway, that became my mantra back in 2009. And the mission – to produce a British-made, contemporary convex mirror – had begun. Numerous designs, prototypes, paint finishes and lots of determination later, Omelo was born. Hurrah!

Omelo mirrors now adorn the walls of homes and hotels from London to Copenhagen to Zurich to Muscat…

Sharing our design inspirations

We’re constantly thinking about all things design-related … colour, material, shape, texture … and we can’t keep it all to ourselves. That would just be selfish … worse still, we’d implode!

So the purpose of our blog is to share our design inspirations with you. We also post avidly to Instagram (omelomirrors) so be sure to check us out there too!

And, if you’d like to make it a two-way experience, that would be even better! We really would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we very much hope you enjoy our blog!