With very little effort, you can use mirrors to create beautiful interiors. And for this reason, mirrors are the secret weapon in an interior designer’s armoury.

use mirrors to create beautiful interiors image

Image credit: Fiona Watkins Interior Design featuring Omelo Mirrors’s Large Cavetto convex mirror in palest grey finish.

The right mirror in the right place can create maximum impact.

Here’s Omelo Mirrors’ top 4 ways interior designer’s use mirrors to create beautiful interiors:

  1. Use mirrors to reflect the gorgeous details in your home. Mirrors double the exposure of features, be they a beautiful piece of art or furniture.
  2. Brighten up a dark space. Placing a mirror near a lamp or window will enhance reflected light into the room. This is especially the case with convex mirrors owing to the curve of the mirror lens.
  3. Mirrors are great for small rooms and narrow spots in the home, such as hallways and stairways. Because they double the exposure, they make the area feel more open and spacious.
  4. A beautifully crafted mirror, frame design, colour or finish will provide a decorative feature in an interior. Often, a mirror can be as beautiful and as striking as a piece of art.

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