Large Convex Mirrors – helping you choose

The idea of this post is to provide an overview of our designs, to help you choose the right large convex mirror for your home.

Did you know that we make 4 styles of large convex mirrors?

These mirrors are Lucca, Marcel, Roma and Cavetto. Each design has its own distinctive profile and size. So there should be a mirror for everyone! First and foremost, our mirrors are created to look beautiful in the home, as well as having a functional element. We see them as wall art, if you like.

Each one of these large convex mirrors is handmade, and will create a charming and individual feature in any room of the house.

Our large convex mirrors come in a range of different sizes

They range from 81cm to 105cm diameter. So you may choose to hang one above the fireplace or over a console, or go for a stand alone feature on a blank wall which works especially well with the Large Lucca and Large Marcel designs.

Here are some images to give you an idea of how these different designs work in-situ.

large convex mirrors image

Large Lucca convex mirror (105cm dia.) in waxed black with a gold leaf bead



image large convex mirror silver leaf

Roma Large Convex Mirror (89cm dia.) in white gold leaf


large convex round mirror grey image

Cavetto Large Convex Mirror (81cm dia.) in palest grey


large convex mirrors gold leaf image

Large Convex Mirror (Lucca 105cm dia.) in gold leaf


And if you’re looking for something even larger, our Extra Large Marcel mirror at 115cm diameter is quite the stunner.  Available with flat mirror only.