A large convex mirror makes a unique and striking focal point

A large convex mirror will add instant impact to the interior of your home.

At 105cm diameter, our Large Lucca Convex Mirror certainly does pack a punch!

Large decorative convex mirror in white Lucca 105cm image

Large Lucca convex mirror in off-white

Our Large Lucca suits all interiors, from traditional to contemporary.

large gold convex mirror hanging above a sofa image

Large convex mirror in gold leaf Lucca image

Large Lucca convex mirror in gold leaf

Large Lucca Convex Mirror with Black Lacquered frame image

Large Lucca convex mirror in bespoke black lacquer finish


Beautifully crafted with a timeless design, this convex mirror lights up any room. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with wall art, maximise light and space, or add a finishing touch to your interiors,  a convex mirror is the answer.

All of our decorative convex mirrors are available in a variety of hand-painted and hand-leafed finishes with bespoke finishes on request.