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  • Best Mirrors in the UK by House & Garden

    Omelo Mirrors joins The List as one of a handful of makers of best mirrors in the UK. The List is a directory of highly skilled designers and craftspeople.

  • Nursery Mirrors – New Collection!

    Omelo Mirrors in collaboration with Abigail’s Nursery has launched a collection of small round Nursery Mirrors.

  • How to Decorate with a Round Mirror

    A round mirror could be just the thing missing from your interior. We share our tips on how to decorate with this most versatile of mirrors..

  • Spotlight on: Colour Yellow

    Yellow is a warm, bright and rich colour. Used by both artists and interior decorators, not without its hazards!

  • Hanging convex and round mirrors over a fireplace

    Convex and round mirrors over a fireplace are a popular choice as an alternative to the traditional overmantle mirror.

  • Tips on hanging mirrors

    It’s likely you have in mind a spot for your mirror – a blank wall, a hall or stairway, or over a fireplace. So, to kick off our tips on hanging mirrors series, let’s consider these options…


    Forget classic paintings or a traditional square mirror – give your fireplace a cool update with a round mirror.

  • Hanging round mirrors? A few helpful tips…

    Hanging round mirrors on blank walls..? Here are a few helpful pointers.

  • A showcase of Omelo Mirrors in their new homes

    At Omelo we feel super-priviledged to have our mirrors adorning walls of homes all over the world: London, New York, Zurich, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vienna … even as far afield as Muscat! We’re also really proud and humbled by the feedback we get from our customers. At Omelo, we offer a very personal service, each mirror […]