The round mirror has been used in interior decoration for centuries. Its circular shape is the perfect contrast to the straight lines and right angles of a room and the features within.

As you can see in the following images, a round mirror visually breaks up the boxy, linear form of the fireplace and adds interest to the overall look.

convex round mirror with a white frame hanging over fireplace image

Medium Roma convex mirror in off-white. Image credit: Tania Azadian Interiors.


As ever, the larger the mirror, the greater the impact.

large round convex mirror with silver leaf frame above fireplace image

Large Lucca convex round mirror finished in silver leaf. Image credit: Lucy Swallow Interiors.


Our Large Lucca mirror measuring 105cm diameter is always sure to wow.


Of course, size doesn’t always matter! A small round mirror has been used to great effect in this summer house.

small convex mirror image

Small Cavetto round mirror in Pale Lime. Image credit: Carolyn Parker Interior Design.


Painted in Pale Lime, this colourful mirror packs a zesty punch against the whitewashed interior. And the round mirror’s silhouette is a welcome addition to the straight lines of the tongue and groove walls and ceiling, whilst echoing the curves of the window, lights and chairs.


Decorating with a round mirror needn’t be confined to the living areas of your home.

Here the interior designer chose to decorate with a round mirror in the client’s bathroom. It’s porthole style, paired with the Cole & Son wallpaper, enhances the aquatic vibe, and the bespoke blue paint finish adds to the ‘watery’ feel of the scheme.

round mirror with blue frame hanging in bathroom image

Our Medium Cavetto round mirror in bespoke blue painted finish. Image credit: Caroline Riddell Interiors.


Why not bring your style full circle and decorate with a round mirror?

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