Hanging round mirrors on blank walls.

Hanging round mirrors is a lot like hanging paintings. Position, size and proportions are key.

It’s likely you have in mind a spot for your mirror – a blank wall, a hall or stairway, or over a fireplace. In this post, we’ll consider options for hanging round mirrors on a blank wall.

Hanging a single round mirror

Traditionally, the mirror should be proportionate to the wall size and furnishings around it; it should be hung low enough to connect to the furniture beneath it.

black convex mirror hanging above a console in a hallway image

Large Cavetto convex mirror in waxed black finish in this project designed by Tessuto Interiors. Image credit Tessuto Interiors.

You can see that the mirror is in proportion to both the size of the console and the wall space (from the console height to the ceiling). It is hung low enough to connect to the console and objects on it, whilst amply filling the wall space.

In this bedroom scheme, a round mirror is used to great effect above the bedhead, generating light and adding a decorative element and interest to the plain wall dressing.

convex solo over bed

In this gorgeously luxurious scheme, the lustrous waxed finish of the black convex mirror compliments the polished, luxe finish of the wall panelling.

black convex mirror hanging on wood panelling image

Our Large Cavetto convex mirror in waxed black hangs in this luxurious scheme designed by Ding Dong Interiors.



Hanging round mirrors in multiples

Mirrors can be grouped to great effect.  Just as with artwork, grouping smaller pieces together to form a perceived larger whole is a great solution to filling a wall.  Using a mirror collection has the advantage of reflecting light around the room.



A really useful tip when hanging in multiples – to avoid making lots of holes in your walls – is to check positions by cutting some newspaper to size and blu-tacking it to the wall. You can rearrange til you are happy with the overall effect.

Repetition and stacking techniques work really well with mirrors.  Here the stacking technique vertically fills the narrow wall space to the left of the window effectively.

hanging round mirrors stacked vertically on a wall image

Small Cavetto convex mirrors in fawn in this living room designed by Kia Designs. Image credit Kia Designs.

In a lower ceilinged space, aligning the convex mirrors horizontally along the length of this storage unit adds balance and the round shape of the mirrors subtly offsets the square shapes of the furniture and objects in the room.

image of three bright coloured convex mirrors in fuchsia teal and lime hanging in a playroom

Small Cavetto convex mirrors in fuchsia, teal and pale lime adding a jolt of colour in this playroom designed by Tessuto Interiors. Image credit Jonathan Bond Photography.

If nothing else, with a round mirror you don’t have to worry about hanging it straight!


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