The modern convex mirror has a long and varied history.

The convex mirror has been documented in many works of art, most famously Jan Van Eyck’s 1434 painting The Arnolfini Portrait.

Van Eyck Arnolfini Portrait image

The Arnolfini Portrait, 1434 by Jan Van Eyck

Impressively, the convex mirror has adorned the walls of residences in Northern European homes since the 16th century!

Convex mirrors provide a far wider field of vision than flat mirrors. Goldsmiths and moneylenders found them helpful in keeping a watchful eye on areas otherwise out of view.

A Goldsmith in His Shop, 1449 by Petrus Christus

They were also a favourite of the Regency butler. Positioned above the dining room sideboard, the convex mirror enabled him to keep a discrete eye on the dinner guests.

Nowadays, the modern convex mirror serves a predominantly decorative purpose in the home. Omelo Mirrors produces a variety of modern convex mirror designs & finishes to suit both contemporary & traditional settings.

large Black and gold modern convex mirror hanging above a console image

Large Cavetto Convex Mirror (81cm dia.) in Waxed Black with a 22ct Gold Leaf Bead by Omelo Mirrors. Image supplied by customer.

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