Embellishing a mirror frame

We’ve been using metal leaf in a lot of our framing work lately. Gold, in particular, adds an illuminating, reflective quality to a mirror frame.

black and gold mirror frame cavetto image

Multiples of the Cavetto mirror frame with gold leafed inner bead


Gilding is often combined with painted sections of frame, so you can add interest where you want as opposed to gilding the entire piece.

convex mirror with charcoal grey and gilded mirror frame hanging in a hallway image

Lucca mirror with brass leaf detailing on two sections of the frame.

Of course, mirror frames gilded in their entirety will always be in demand. They add a sense of luxe and warmth to a room’s decoration.

large gold convex mirror hanging above a sofa image

Large Lucca convex mirror – this mirror frame has been gilded in its entirety, bringing warmth and life to the decoration in this room.

Metal leaf has a special luminosity – there’s really nothing quite like it. And, of course, there is a skill in knowing how to handle gold leaf which is as thin as 4 millionths of an inch!

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