We all know that mirrors are the must-have accessory for making a room feel bigger and are second to none in bouncing the light around.

Convex mirrors give a greater sense of space

What you may not know, however, is that the curved shape of the convex lens means that it has a wider field of vision than a flat mirror, capturing more of the room in its reflection, thus giving a greater sense of space.  And because of this curved shape the light is bounced around to far greater effect than with a flat mirror.

The proof

This is well demonstrated in these two shots taken from exactly the same angle, the first using flat mirror and the second convex. The difference is quite remarkable…!

Medium Roma (60cm) with flat mirror

medium roma convex mirror

Medium Roma (60cm) with convex mirror

If you’re looking to lift a narrow hallway or optimise the sense of space in your sitting room, a convex mirror is the perfect decorative accessory.