While clusters of vintage mirrors might have become slightly clichéd, simple repetition is still an effective way to give more impact to a space and add light.

Hanging Matching Mirrors

When hanging multiples, the mirrors tend to look best if they are very similar.

Trio of matching round mirrors hanging in a bathroom

Trio of matching round mirrors enhance the simplicity of this scheme

Especially if you opt for a pair, they’ll look best if they’re identical.

matching round mirrors hanging above a fireplace


If you have a narrow space of wall to fill, stacking mirrors vertically is an effective way to  create interest and generate impact:

matching pair of decorative convex mirrors hanging in a sitting room image

Kia Designs pairs identical convex mirrors, vertically, to bring presence to this space and add light

And here, the matching pair of convex mirrors lend balance and symmetry:

hanging matching mirrors decorative convex

Sims Hilditch’s positioning of identical convex mirrors reinforces the symmetry of this scheme

Below, the placement of this pair of convex mirrors adds an element of the unexpected whilst, yet again, echoing the symmetry and bold design of the interior:

decorative convex mirrors with black frames hanging in a dining room

No need to be predictable…the quirky positioning of these convex mirrors brings real flair to this scheme


Sometimes it really does pay to be repetitive!